1. “he Description of inner world through this or that direction of art and bringing it to the point of irrationality is my style and principle.
  2. To be free of superfluous forms one should get rid of superfluous time.
  3. It is very easy to be someone else; it is difficult but ingenious to be yourself.
  4. Constancy is artistís destruction. Turning everything upside down means that you are on the right way.
  5. Keeping pauses, counterpoints and determination of necessary rate during the work will bring the right outcome.
  6. You already know how to avoid mistakes during your work but you donít know how to make them and, furthermore, how to create them beautifully. My advice is to free your mind from thoughts about mistakes.
  7. f your right hand can draw very well already in a mastery fashion do not forget that you have the left hand which canít draw. So let your left hand work as it likes and youíll see that a well done thing is not always beautiful.
  8. The lank purpose is the substance of the truth.
  9. Everything you see is art and work of art. The question is how to exposit it and ho is going to watch.
  10. Between what I want and what I do not want is what I search for.
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